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Is Modesty a barrier to achieving your dreams?

Do you think Modesty is a barrier to achieving your dreams?

Sometimes it can certainly feel like it.

Like when the hospital receptionist automatically switches to slow pace English or starts to speak in a louder voice when you approach them.

Or when the pat down at the airport begins to feel like harassment.

Or when the other parents at school hold their kids just a little closer when you pass by

However, this should not be a deterrent to taking decisions that would move you closer to Allah because for every event that gives you that sinking feeling, there is another that gives you hope.

Think Amina J. Mohammed; Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations

Think Ilhan Omar; U.S. representative

Think Malala Yousafzai; Activist for girl child education

Think Ibtijad Muhammed; Olympian fencer

Think Halima Aden; Super Model

Think Na’ima B. Robert; Author , editor, speaker, coach

Each is a Muslimah who has chosen to standout and apart from her immediate environment and still succeeded in achieving their dreams.

      YES YOU CAN!
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