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In this episode, we will be talking about Spirituality on a busy Schedule.

I am going to tell us what Spirituality means in 2 different contexts.

The general meaning of spirituality means recognizing a feeling, sense, or belief that there is something greater than yourself; something more to being human than sensory experience and that the greater whole of which we are part is cosmic or divine.

Islamically, spirituality means an awareness of the origin of the universe, worshipping God, seeking the satisfaction of God, humility, submission and trust which man demonstrates in all of his actions. 

Now, how do we handle spirituality on a busy schedule?

We live in a fast-paced, busy world. And as nice as it might be to take time off work, or just not have to clean the house, none of that is realistic.

Many of us have busy lives, but somehow we still manage to carve out time to call our spouses, have a girls’ night, go shopping or workout because these things are so important to us that even our busy-ness is unable to stop us from doing them.

Human beings need spirituality. It is as essential for our health and wellness as food, water, safety, and connection. But as our lives have become busier with more pressure, spirituality and growth give way to just surviving. 

The reality is that we make time for what is important to us. But once we make the decision that God is really important, then we have to make him a priority. Once this decision is made, then everything becomes easy.

After making the decision, then you will have to follow up with a foolproof plan to keep you in check;

  • Time and Routine Management - Learn to manage your time each day and also put a routine in place to follow, this will help keep you in check and you won’t waste precious time dwelling on unnecessary things.

  • Read Books - We have dedicated book stores all over the world that more than satisfy the spiritual audience, if you are not a hardcover fan, then you can also find lots of ebooks online. Many religions also have their dedicated spiritual books easy and accessible.

  • Listen to Podcasts, Lectures, Commentaries - You can also download podcasts, lectures, and commentaries on your gadgets, you can listen to them as you work out, take a stroll, or even while cooking.

  • Connect with like minds Online and Offline - This will help you learn more as you meet more people with different opinions and experiences from different walks of life. It could also be an outlet for you to take on new hobbies and also make informed decisions.

  • Finally, Implement and Stick to your plan and it slowly and gradually becomes a Habit.

As the saying goes, Practice makes Perfect…

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